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In the news...

“In the news” is our newest blog category and will periodically take a look at what the media is saying about the things that concern downtown families…

Petting Zoo Protocols

A recent article in the Los Angeles Times talked about a possible link between petting zoos and an E. coli outbreak in North Carolina. 

It’s something to keep in mind with the Harbor Harvest Festival right around the corner. 

It looks like the important takeaways from the article are to keep food away from the petting area and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards… 

Peanut Butter Recall

The peanut butter recall caused by the recent salmonella outbreak continues to widen to include even more products, as this CBS News article mentions.   

Target and Whole Foods are prominently mentioned as two stores who carry many of the new items on the list…

More Marshmallow Talk

It seems we just can’t keep tormenting children in the interest of science.  As this article in the USA Today notes, the famed “Marshallow Test” was recently taken to a new level with very surprising results...

‘Hot’ Topic

First New York City bans large soft drinks, and now multiple states are taking aim at banning Flaming Hot Cheetos from schools, as this article in the San Francisco Chronicle details

Are regular Cheetos still OK?

Just Say No… To Merlot?

A recent article in The Telegraph talks about a study that showed a correlation between how much children drink as adults with how much they perceived their mothers drank when the children were teenagers. 

Apparently English dads do most of their drinking at pubs out of sight from their children whereas ‘mums’ tend to do more of their drinking at home.  Interesting…

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